Human Resources Summit
Main Sessions

Rıchard Watson

Author, Futurist, Scenario Planner

Technology and Human

Ian Baılıe

Yönetici / myHRfuture

Practical HR Technologies

Paul Hughes

Author & Founder / The Circle of Growth

Grow Your Company in 10 meters

Andy Swann

Author & Founder / My Amazing Team & Simple Better Human

People Oriented Workplace

Dı Macdonald

Founder / Like Literally

Generation Y in the Digital Age

Alfonso Dıez Davıd

Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi Alliance Global Digital Human Resources General Manager

Spotlighting Human in Digital Transformation

Cenk Akıncılar

Human Resources Executive Vice President / QNB Finansbank

Fatih Uysal

General Manager & CEO /

Tanyer Sönmezer

CEO & Member of Board of Directors / Management Centre Türkiye

Scenario by Digital Transformation | Directed by HR

Digital Leadership Summit
Main Sessions

Megan Reıtz

Author, Professor of Leadership & Dialogue / Ashridge

James Taylor

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Adam West

Head of Marketing / Satalia

Dr Rıza Kadılar

Global President / European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

Hakan Alp

Assistant General Manager of Human Resources and Organization / Yapı Kredi

Burcu Erol

General Manager / &NOW
Future of Work Summit
Main Sessions

Calum Chace

Best-selling Author & Speaker

What Will We Do If Robots Steal Our Jobs?

Şebnem Özdemir

Academician, AI Researcher, Consultant / Ereteam

Surviving In the Middle of Digital Mesh: Empowering Human, and Enlightening Talents

Paul Estes

GIG Economy Manager & Managing Partner / Microsoft 365

Launching and Scaling a Freelance Workforce


Strategy and HR Executive Vice President / Akbank

Building on the Future of Work

Alp Sezginsoy

CEO & Founder / Expertera

Future of Work Transformation & Building A Thriving Workforce

Euan Davıs

Associate Vice President / Cognizant

What to Do When Machines Do Everything?

James Denıng

Vice President Europe / Automation Anywhere

Taking the Robot out of Human

Tansu Yeğen

Vice President Europe / UiPath

Collaboration Between Humans and Robots

Jon Younger

Founder & Independent / Agile Talent Collaborative

Building Agile Teams in the Talent Platform Age

Gizem Özbayraç

Head of Agile / Allianz

Building the Future Organization: Agile Transformation